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Basta voler uscire dalla trappola per rafforzare
la trappola.
Brandy dice: «Il modo migliore è di non combattere, lascia perdere. Non cercare sempre di aggiustare le cose.
Quello da cui scappi non fa che rimanere con te più a lungo.
Quando combatti qualcosa, non fai che renderla più forte».

People who are free from toxic families don’t know how lucky they are

Mireille Enos + a lot of wavy red hair + Jaguar Leopard ears headband = ❤


Had to have a closer look at this. Wonderful picture of Peter. <3

I wonder if my mom ever asked me “why do you do that?” instead of “what did you do?!”. Maybe I wouldn’t have stopped drinking or smoking or fasting or chewing&spitting but at least I think it would’ve been better.

A good parent is the one you can talk to even if he\she doesn’t know the answer. He\she just … listens to you and tries to make you feel conscious about what YOU really want for your life, NOT what HE OR SHE wants.

We would’ve had more awareness of everything.

The lack of communication is what destroys our souls at the very end.

I need fanfics


Mireille Enos, Photographed by Joe Quinto


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Hand Gestures + Badass - Mireille Enos on The Ellen Show - 9/12/14

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It’s you and me, Linden. We’re on the same side, remember?
-Are we?

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the ruck family

(jennifer franco photography)

Omg her daughter is soooo cute *_*


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I had to do a little drawing for The Killing, I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. 

The Killing was such a wonderful show and the ending was so, so perfect. I adored it, so much so I just had to doodle something for it. I ugly cried my way through the entire thing, it was beautiful. SO MANY FEELINGS. 

I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing, you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe, that home was us. It was you and me, together in that stupid car, riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend.

Linden & Holder <3 

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It’s so rare, that…

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